Top Places to Buy Maternity Wrap Dress in Australia

Women have various body types – the much envied hour glass, or the common banana, pear and apple shape. We do not always stay in the same shape, size or height throughout our life. Sometimes we contribute to bodily changes directly; sometimes it is beyond our control (like hormonal changes). Pregnancy is one such stage where hormonal changes are at its peak. A woman’s body can change during and after pregnancy. Sometimes we cannot return back to our pre-pregnancy state. Many factors contribute to that – illness, child care. But that is an altogether different topic we can discuss all day.


Why a wrap dress?


The point is we might be wary of spending money on clothes after pregnancy. Clothes might not fit, and we might consider it a waste of money. It would be a boon to get a dress that is comfortable and usable for a long time. The maternity wrap dress falls into this category of dress. Lean or fat with a baby bump, it always does a good job of covering you. You choose how you want to wrap it with the help of a tie. So you can adjust it loosely, above or across your baby bump, allowing you the much-needed breathing space. You can wear it in any season and it suits all occasion when paired with right kind of bottom (clothes).


But the key is to choose a good quality wrap. The elasticity of the material is important. You might stretch it to the max in your last trimester. After you return to your fit shape, if that elasticity is missing in the fabric, the dress might hang loose in some places. It might no longer look fashionable. So, we are here to help you find the right brand and the shops that sell wrap dresses in Australia.



  • It offers wrap dresses in 51 styles
  • Prices start from $21 and end at a max of $123 on offer price.
  • Styles of the dresses are – ASOS Maternity & Nursing Slinky wrap mini dress, floral print wrap dress, embellished wrap mini dress, scallop wrap skater dress, Jersey wrap dress etc.
  • Wrap dresses are suitable for both pregnant and nursing mothers.
  • Types of dresses are available are - maxi size, sleeveless, with long sleeve, with the tie sleeve etc.
  • It is available only online at


Angel Maternity, Castle Hill, NSW

  • It is well-known women’s clothing label.
  • It has a large collection of dresses – work, casual, special occasion, and plus size dresses.
  • Some of the wrap dresses available are - Classic wrap breastfeeding dress, mock wrap half sleeve dress, reversible wrap nursing dress, wrap work dress, etc.
  • Shop online at or visit them at Angel Maternity, Castle Hill, New South Wales


Ripe Maternity

  • It is extensively spread with many branches in Victoria, West Australia, Adelaide and New South Wales.
  • You can also find this renowned label sold in many other stores selling women’s clothing like Angel Bub.
  • It offers various gorgeous wrap dresses - Katerina Nursing dress, Etch nursing dress, Gia Nursing wrap dress, Ballet wrap nursing dress, etc.
  • Also, check out their online website

Pea in a Pod, Victoria

  • This label purely dedicated to maternity needs, they have a special collection of dresses.
  • The wrap dresses sold being Riley Wrap Dress priced at $20, Zoe Nursing Wrap top at $40, Alexa floral maxi dress at $170.
  • You can shop online at or visit their store in Collingwood, Victoria. Check out your nearest retailer for Pea in a Pod label dresses.


Glowmama Maternity Wear, in Queensland offers Hannah printed wrap dress, Bamboo wrap dress, and Catherine dress. Some of the international brands like Isabella Oliver, Maive & Bo, Purpless Maternity manufacturer wrap dress. Maive & Bo manufactures the wrap dresses under the label Harlow Maternity and Nursing Wrap Dresses. Purchase these brands from your nearest retailer or shop online.